ADD Evry & teaching team


ADD Academy Evry is the first Academy of Art Du Déplacement to have officially opened its doors in France in 2008 thanks to the impulsion of the founders Yamakasi, Laurent Piemontesi, Yann Hnautra, Chau Belle and the support of William Belle.

Today about fifteen academies have opened in France and around the world. Each is recognized by the founders of the practice and shares training methods defending the same values. Links from other AddAcademy schools

The ADD Academy values/slogans are:

  • “We start together, we finish together”
  • “We are a team and we help each other”

On Evry, the management of the academy gradually was supported by the new generation set up thanks to the training given by Laurent Piemontesi and Yann Hnautra since 2001.

The pedagogical team consists of two Coaches referents graduated with BPJEPS APT or equivalent, François Terrien and Marc Honoré, then Mehdi Hadim, Nabil Hadim, Joanna Markiewicz and Michel Vaz. They are helped by Davy Mawete, Quentin Mazetier, Romain Lenoble and Tristan Dumont, four assistant coaches.